Federal Grants For Equipment That Improves Safety

Federal Grants For Equipment That Improves Safety


Some recent research on funding opportunities led me to grants available for workplace safety.  The Depart of Health and Human Services provides funding for new equipment that will lead to a safer workplace.  Some of the these grants can total up to $1,000,000. LS Industries manufactures equipment that significantly reduces the wear on employees and reduces opportunities for injury.

Because LS Industries specializes in machinery that automates processes, we can eliminate injuries caused by repetitive motion.  These can often occur from hand sanding, scrubbing, or deburring parts.  We can recommend the right equipment to improve the safety in your facility.


The automated shot blast systems eliminate completing the work by hand.  Some of the hazards associated with this would be metal dust inhalation, injuries associated with hand tools and lifting injuries among others.
BFC-XL Cylinder Blaster


LS Industries washers can potentially eliminate the need for handling toxic chemicals and breathing hazardous fumes.  Carts like the one seen below transfers the table directly into the washer insuring safe handling of parts eliminating lifting injuries.  Other systems include conveyors or monorail systems for safe handling.


LS Industries vibratory equipment will give you a consistent finish on your parts without time consuming handling. Deburring parts by hand can easily cause cuts to the hands and other dangers of using hand tools.
Close up image with ceramic media


The LS Industries dust collectors will improve the air quality in your manufacturing facility so that employees will be safe from harmful airborne particles. The filter media used is very efficient, approaching 97% on 0.8 micron and 100% on 2 micron particulate. If you add an additional HEPA filter the dust elimination is even greater.
Dust Collector 50 in black metal material


Our equipment can lead to a safer more productive facility and thanks to grants provided by the federal government you could potentially add these improvements at no cost to you.

We will be happy to discuss the grant opportunities with you.  We will be happy to provide some of the information needed for the grant application. Don’t wait, deadlines for application submission are approaching. Let us help you reap the maximum benefits of investing in your business and your employees.

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