Grinding VS Automated Blast

Grinding VS Automated Blast

Proper surface preparation is key to uniformed quality finish. Let’s talk about some of the downsides from a manual hand grind that many people are still using today.

Safety – With grinding there are many safety concerns from weld splatter, dangerous heights, hard to reach areas, injury from the grinder, handling of large heavy structural pieces, employees’ strain on bodies, as well as metal dust is being inhaled into the employees’ lungs from hour upon hours of grinding. In an automated shot blast the contained debris/dust provides an environmentally safe space.

*Check for possible grants offered in your state for moving from grinding to shot blasting for increased safety!

Consistency – The grinding process is unpredictable, less aggressive, and inconsistent, varies from employee to employee, resulting in a hard to control finished product and finish. In an automated shot blast, you will get a consistent surface all day, no matter the operator.

Speed – Blasting when compared to a hand grind is typically at least 88% faster, reducing manpower and overall processing costs. Produce more with less people!

Minimize Waste – When blasting you will see better adhesion and less waste on your paint and coatings. In grinding spots often get missed whereas an automated blast can create a uniformed profile every time.

Costs – In addition to time saved, minimized manpower, the consumables needed for Grinders tend to be more expensive than the shot needed for Shot Blasting.

Ultimately, you should evaluate piece of equipment best in a specific job circumstance, instead of trying to force fit one type or style into all job types and situations. Grinding and Shot Blasting both have a place. Every circumstance is unique and should be evaluated accordingly. 

As the manufacturing world continues to struggle with labor shortages, it might be time to reevaluate your current cleaning process and surface prep. It has become much easier to find labor to push a button than to perform a manual messy job. Let’s talk about increasing your production and lowering labor costs.

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Melissa Gibson (Palmer)

East Coast Sales

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