Structural Steel Industry

Serving the Structural Steel Industry

For over 40 years, LS Industries has designed and manufactured a diverse product line of metal cleaning equipment. Along with the ability to develop custom equipment solutions, LS Industries also provides highly responsive service for all of your blasting and washing equipment even if it isn’t LS Industries equipment.

Products for Metal Fabrication

The structural integrity of the material used for building is important in order for it to literally stand the test of time amidst all conditions. LS Industries offers equipment for the structural steel industry that will ensure you are working with the highest quality material at the time of fabrication. Working with clean material that is properly coated for the intended use.

From our monorail and structural blasters to flow through washers and paint systems and ovens —LS offers your company a complete solution for structural steel. Our products can be customized to your specifications, to maximize your space and budget with the most efficient solution.

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