BFC-20 Flow Thru Cylinder Blaster

Product Overview

With the LS Industries BFC-20 Flow Thru Cylinder Blaster, you’ll upgrade your cylinder-cleaning capabilities to meet the demands of today’s market. LS offers a wide range of features that allow you to tailor your cleaning operation to fit your specific needs. Best of all, you can install and operate an LS Blaster for thousands of dollars LESS than competing machines and get better results.

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Replaceable Conveyor Wheels and Brackets


Dayton DC Variable Speed Conveyor Drive


Load Table with Cylinder Lift


Other Features:

Entrance vestibule to be connected to integrated load table with automatic actuator

Exit vestibule to be connected to integrated unload table with automatic actuator

System layout to be either left to right or right to left

Access doors equipped with safety limit switches for easy access to blast cabinet for maintenance and inspection

Clamshell style pneumatic door

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions

Airless steel shot blasting gas cylinders 4” to 12” in diameter and 12” to 60” in length

1ea 5HP bucket elevator, 6”x 4” buckets

1ea 3HP entrance (main) auger

1ea 1HP exit auger


230 or 440 Volt 3 phase, power 60 cycle

89 AMP (440 volt)

178 AMP (230 volt)

4 Rechargeable Cartridges

1,200 sq. ft. material

84,000 cfm

NEMA 70 electrical enclosure


10 gauge mild steel construction with 5HP buckets

110 voltage terminal blocks for control circuit power