LSBH-04-E Fixtured Basket Blasters

Category: Fixture Basket Blasters

LS BH-4 Fixtured Basket Blaster manual door

Product Overview

LS Fixtured Basket Blasters, like the LSBH-04-E, have easily replaceable cabinet liners and is versatile with easy basket jigging setup for any shape parts. Originally designed to accommodate engine blocks and heads but much more versatile than just automotive applications. The simple one button push operation with adjustable cycle times doesn’t require extensive training. The LS TurboShot™ blast wheel is belt driven to protect the motor and make it easy to maintain. The blades on the LS TurboShot™ wheel are bi-directional allowing for reversing blasting for an all angle clean. See also the LSBH4 with pneumatic clam shell door.

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Reversing Blast Wheels for All Angle Cleaning

Versatile – Easy Basket Jigging Setup for Any Shape Parts

Simple One Button Push Operation with Adjustable Cycle Times

Spring Loaded Bars for Fast Load / Unload

Heavy Duty Manganese Fixture Rods for Long Life

Optional Clamshell Door for Easy Access and Overhead Loading

Easily Replaceable Cabinet Liners

LS TurboShot Blast Wheel Design – High Volume, Bi-Directional, Medium Velocity Blast Wheel. Robust Design with Easy Maintenance. Belt Driven to Protect Motor.

Technical Specifications

Basket Dimension

46”L x 25.5” diameter

Work Space

36” x 22.875” diameter

Overall Dimensions

84″ x 52″ x 81″

HP of Blast Wheels (STD)*

2ea x 7.5HP

Basket HP (STD)

1/2HP (0.37 kw)

Basket Weight Capacity (Approx)


Dust Collector Std**

DC-2 (2HP)

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