Drum Ring and Lid Blaster

Drum Ring and Lid Blaster

Product Overview

The LS Industries Drum Ring and Lid Blaster is a batch style blaster with a specially designed fixture to hold lids and rings in place for a thorough blast. The two 7.5 HP reversing blast wheels ensure an all-angle clean. The blaster is easy to load, unload and maintain. The LS TurboShot™ belt driven blast wheels move a high volume of shot at a medium velocity with a bi-directional blade to blast the rings and lids clean.

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Easy to Use, Load and Unload

Custom Basket to Fixture Lids and Rings

Reversing Blast Wheels for All Angle Cleaning

Low Maintenance Machine

LS TurboShot Blast Wheel Design – High Volume, Bi-Directional, Medium Velocity Blast Wheel.

Robust Design with Easy Maintenance

Belt Driven to Protect Motor

Technical Specifications

Work Envelope

Up to (16) 55 Gallon Drum Rings or Lids

Overall Dimensions

7′ x 9’6 x 7′

HP of Blast Wheels (STD)*

2ea x 7.5HP

Roller HP (STD)

1/2HP (0.37 kw)

Dust Collector Std**

DC-3 (5HP)