Flow Through Drum Blaster

Flow Through Drum Blaster

Product Overview

The LS Industries Flow Through Drum Blaster is the fastest drum blaster on the market. The blaster is able to blast two to four burned drums per minute. An S-shaped cabinet is available for minimal shot escape. This blaster has a fully automated process for loading and unloading the drums or barrels. The LS SureShot™ direct drive blast wheel is a bi-directional wheel designed for high-volume, medium velocity shot distribution. The robust design has quick-change blade technology for easy maintenance.

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Fastest Drum Blaster on The Market

Two to Four Burned Drums Per Minute

S-Shaped Cabinet for Minimal Shot Escape

Fully Automated Load, Process, and Unload from Blast Cabinet

SureShot™ Blast Wheel Design – High Velocity, Bi-Directional, Medium Volume Blast Wheel

Robust Design with Quick Blade Change Technology and Easy Maintenance

Direct Drive Compact Assembly

Technical Specifications

Work Envelope

4 x 55 Gallon Drums per Minute

Overall Dimensions

30′ x 19′ x 21′ (including load and unload conveyors)

HP of Blast Wheels (STD)*

2ea x 25HP & 1ea 50HP

Roller HP (STD)

1HP (0.75 kw)

Dust Collector Std**

DCC-20 (20HP)