Flow Through Drum Ring and Lid Blaster

Drum Lid Blaster

Product Overview

The LS Industries Flow Through Drum Lid and Ring Blaster is the most efficient way to clean a high volume of drum lids and rings. The automated process moves rings and lids vertically through a narrow cabinet making the best use of space and eliminating the need for a shot blow off. The compact design ensures that very little shot can escape and is continuously reclaimed through the blaster.

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Indexing Variable Speed Chain Conveyor System to Process Lids and Rings

Lids and Rings are Processed Vertically to Eliminate Shot Build Up and Carryout

Lids and Rings Rotate in the Blast Pattern For Complete, Even Cleaning

Guides Hold Lids and Rings in Vertical Position Through the Blaster

Optional Automatic Load and Unload System with Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors

Technical Specifications

Work Envelope

Overall Dimensions

22’9″ x 9’10” x 14′ 4″

HP of Blast Wheels (STD)*

(2) at 25HP

Roller HP (STD)


Dust Collector Std**