ULS 290 – 290‐Gallon Ultrasonic Tank

Category: Ultrasonic Washers

Ultrasonic 300

Product Overview

The ULS 290 uses ultrasound technology to remove problem contamination from all forms of hard surfaces, such as metals, plastics and ceramics. The unique properties of sound penetration and gentle agitation clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, penetrating holes and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods. Often used for cleaning engine parts for automotive, marine, diesel and other power generation and other greasy or oily parts. Constructed of stainless steel with mirrored finish stainless‐steel transducers the 290‐gallon ultrasonic tank is designed to last. The ULS 290 is insulated for both noise reduction and energy efficiency, making the machine easy to use. The loading tray that is 57” x 29.5” and a load capacity of 1,763 lbs.

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Oil Separation Laminar Flow System (LFS)© with recirculation pump and Auxiliary Tank for easy Oil Separation.

Green Label Features: Insulated & perimeter sealed top lid – 70 mm thermal & acoustic insulation – Automatic Nightly Eco Mode.

Acoustic Reduction Filter (ARF)© to reduce 90% cavitation noise under 78 db(A).

Multilanguage Touch Screen 7”: Manual & Auto modes, Heating & US Programmable Timer, Electricity Consumption Monitor, Detergent calculator, Preventive Maintenance Schedule program.

Digital & Synchronized 28 kHz generators with sweep frequency programs for higher performance & smoother cavitation.

Flotating/PEEK water sensor level to protect heating system from boil-dry.

Replaceable 1 kW transducers sets. (Screwed assembly at all sizes from 2000 liters.)

Ceramic heaters immersed into stainless steel housing to protect them from ultrasonic cavitation & chemical corrosion. (Stainless Steel Heaters at sizes.)

Technical Specifications

Main Tank (Gal.)


Ultrasound Power

7 kW

Heating Power

11 kW

Main Tank (inch)

59.0 x 35.4 x 29.5

Automatic Top Lid


Loading Tray (inch)

57.0 x 29.5

Lift Max. Load

1763.7 lbs

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