Manganese Belt Blaster

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Manganese Belt Blaster

Product Overview

The 60×24 Manganese Belt Blaster is a versatile machine that works with a heavy-duty manganese linked chain belt.  The LS SureShot™ blast wheels are set in a straight pattern.  The blaster cabinet is constructed of heavy-duty manganese as well, with replaceable manganese wear liners for easier maintenance.  The blaster is also designed with multiple access doors for maintenance, located at the elevator, the auger and the blast zone.  The MBB 60×24 also includes sensors that detect the part and only allow it to blast when parts are in the cabinet further extending the life of the machine.

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Elevator Jam Auto Shutdown


Technical Specifications

Work Envelope

24″W x 36″H

Overall Dimensions

24′ x 10′ x 16’2″

No. of Blast Wheels (STD)*

4ea x 20HP

Conveyor Load Height (STD)


Dust Collector**

20HP cartridge dust collector 6,000 cam, 8 cartridge filters

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