Propane Brush Washer

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Propane Washer

Product Overview

The LS Propane Brush Washer is designed to clean propane bottles for recycling. The washer uses a combination of high pressure heated washer and cleaning solution with spinning brushes to effectively clean the propane bottles.  The pre-wash/soak stage is equipped with high pressure nozzles and helps remove most of the heavy dirt before the part goes to the wash section.  The wash section is equipped with 4 sets of rotating brushes and high pressure nozzles that ensure optimal cleaning of the bottles at a very fast rate.  The rinse section will ensure all the chemicals and soap are rinsed away from the tanks and the blow off section will ensure effective dryness of the part before it comes out of the washer.

This washer is the most efficient way to clean 20lb propane tanks for recycling back to the market and can meet a high demand production rate.


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Technical Specifications

Work Envelope

18″ W x 24″ H

Overall Dimensions

36′ x 80″ x 107″

Pump (HP)*

10HP Pre Wash, 15HP Wash, 10HP Rinse

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