TCS44 Thermal Cleaning System

Product Overview

Reduce Cleaning Time by 50% or More with this powerful cleaning team of Oven, Blaster and Cool Down Shaker. A universal basket means far less handling as parts travel from one process to the next. The optional transfer cart further reduces the material handling.

The Oven features a balanced burn tube for even heat throughout the cabinet.
No direct flame ever touches the parts. The LS 44EN is the fastest non-direct flame, rotisserie oven on the market. No hot spots – even heating throughout the cabinet.

The Blaster features a full-length, cast chrome, one-piece balanced impeller producing a solid shot curtain for consistently even cleaning and less shot replacement. Designed and engineered for easy, economical maintenance.

The Shaker removes shot and quickly cools the parts to a safe handling temperature with a forceful 2850 cfm blower.

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Technical Specifications

Basket Size

44” L x 20” W x 20” H

Basket Capacity

8 head or 1 block

Main Burners


Total Heat Cap

557,000 BTU

HC, Main Burner

212,000 BTU

HC, Afterburner

133,000 BTU

Cleaning Temperature

300 degrees to 750 degrees

Stack Size

8″ (203mm)

Gas 6″ (152mm)






Door Open: 79″ (2006mm)

Weight: 2200lbs