XLX Balancer

Category: Industrial Balancing

Product Overview

The LS Industries XLX Precision Electronic Balancer creates smoother, longer lasting engines that delivers more power and better mileage. A balanced engine operates with less stress on the internal components. And the LS XLX is easy to use, it will not require a skilled machinist to operate effectively.

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Sophisticated electronics PLUS extremely versatile and simple to operate

Direct readout – NO calibration necessary

Balances at ANY speed – exclusive feature. A wide variety of balancing jobs are possible the most versatile machine. Automatic speed compensation – DOES NOT require setting a specific balancing RPM

Can balance work pieces inboard and outboard – exclusive feature

Includes 5 potentiometers for plane separation electronics – between counterweights to accurately determine left to right percentage of influence

The three EXTRA potentiometers give you the capability of balancing a wide variety of work pieces other than crankshafts

Technical Specifications

Cycle Time

5 Seconds

Balance RPMs


Unbalance Resolution

+/- 0.1 gm/inch

Setup Units


Unbalance Units

Ounces or Grams


3,300 lbs. (1,496 kg)


230V, 60Hz, 3 Ph

Drill Motor

1.5 Hp (1.118 kW)

Drive Motor

1 Hp (0.745 kW)


83″L x 28″W x 74″H (1,346mm x 711mm x 1,880mm)


Max. Weight

750 lbs. (340 Kg) (1,219.2mm)

Max. Between Supports (1,219.2mmm)

46″ (1,219.2mm)

Max. Journal Diameter

48″ (1,219.2mm)

Max. Diameter

31″ (787mm)

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