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40+ Years of Experience in Metal Cleaning & Surface Preparation Equipment

We Are Little Swede Industries

For more than 40 years, LS Industries has designed and manufactured a diverse product line of custom surface treatments and metal cleaning equipment. In addition to the ability to develop custom equipment solutions, LS Industries also provides highly responsive service for your equipment.

Phil Enegren (Little Swede) established LS Industries as the leader in the surface preparation market in 1977.  Further, Phil served as the lead engineer and his wife Linda Enegren served as the company president, managing the company’s finances and sales activity. As a result, the pair successfully developed machinery to serve our customers with reliable automated processes for manufacturing needs.

Having now passed the business onto the next generation, Paul Enegren (Little Swede Jr.) is committed to continuing the family business. The success of our customers will be the success of LS Industries. Our in-house engineers are skilled in developing custom surface treatments. For instance, our team is knowledgeable in building shot blasting machines, washers, vibratory equipment, and more.

Our company specializes in cleaning metals, so our machines serve a variety of industries. This includes structural steel, aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication, oil and gas, cylinder production and recycling, and more.

What makes LS Industries different?

LS Industries is a leader in the metal surface cleaning and preparation industry. We specializing in fully automated cleaning systems that reduce production time and labor costs all while giving you a more consistent product.

LS Industries offers many standard machines for common projects but we also specialize in providing custom solutions for more intricate projects as well.

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