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LS Industries, Inc.
710 E. 17th St. North
Wichita, KS 67214

Company Directory

Paul Engren
Ext: 228
Matthew Hedden
VP of Sales & Marketing
Ext: 328
Tim Ens
Part Sales Manager
Ext: 216
Melissa Palmer (Gibson)
Sales Manager (East Region)
Ext: 323
Steve Slack
Sales Manager (West Region)
Ext: 314
Gregg Snyder
Sales Manager (Gas Cylinder Products)
Ext: 305
Alejandro Fuentes
International Sales Associate
Ext: 211
Ricky Baker
Sales Manager – Vibratory Product Line
Ext: 306
Austin Rosson
Sales Manager – Wheel and Rim Product Line
Ext: 308
Dipendra Khatiwada
Lead Electrical Engineer
Ext: 229
Mark Leet
Technical Support
Ext: 218
Joanna Sawyer
Ext: 217
Mahendra Singh
Accounts Receivable
Ext: 301
Dylan Pittillo
Production Manager
Ext: 213
Tammy Peterson
Purchasing Manager
Ext: 243
Pat Munz
Senior Material Director
Ext: 303