LS Industries Blast Wheels vs. The Competition

LS Industries Blast Wheels vs. The Competition

LS Industries SureShot™ Impeller Blast Wheels vs. The Competition

LS Industries takes great pride in building equipment that will improve the productivity of our customers.  Automating processes significantly reduces the amount of time with hands on the material and it creates a much more consistent result.

Once equipment is put in place to establish your automated processes, it becomes critical for that equipment to work properly.  In order to keep equipment working properly it is recommended to perform routine maintenance.  The maintenance has to be quick and easy in order to get employees do the work as recommended.

LS Industries takes this into account with the design of our SureShot™ Impeller Blast Wheels.  We recommend a simple visual inspection of the wear parts of the blast wheel on a regular basis.  LS Industries gives clear information regarding the indicators for replacing the wear parts.

LS Industries provides a recommended parts list with every machine purchased and we keep our most commonly consumed parts in stock at all times.  The SureShot™ blast wheel uses a balanced set of bi-directional blades

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