36SBNG Burn Off Oven

Slow Bake Oven

Product Overview

Burn off oven for removing powder coating.
Burns at 800 degrees for 1.5 hrs. Oven has an afterburner to burn the smoke off and eliminate the smoke.

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Cleans heads, blocks, small parts and metal components.

Total temperature and time control will ensure dry stable parts.

Complete hands-free thermal cleaning with cycle times up to 6 hours.

Reduce your dependence on caustic solvents and chemical cleaning agents.

Technical Specifications

Inside Dimensions

41″W x 32″D x 36″H

Cart & Shelf (Top Shelf) Dimensions

34″W x 23″D x 14″H

Cart & Shelf (Bottom Shelf) Dimensions

34″W x 23″D x 15″H

Door Opening

36 x 41

Heating Capacity

360,000 BTU

Stack Size

8″ DIA

Electrical Requirements

120 Volts, 50-60 Hz, Single Phase